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Friday, June 11, 2010

Constance Stellas Compatibility Quiz

By Constance Stellas

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. I hope it is fun and perhaps revelatory. I am including the questionnaire in the second edition of my book, The Everything Sex Signs Book and your feedback will be of enormous help. All answers are confidential. Please also include your birth date for example November 30th.

Please return to starguide@mindspring.com

Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible.

1. Where is your favorite place to make love?
a. at home in bed
b. anywhere outside
c. a lockable storage closet at work
d. on an airplane

2. What is most important to you in a sexual partner?
a. the ability to express emotions
b. witty conversation
c. spontaneity and unpredictability
d. sensuousness

3. Sexually, which sense is most important to you for getting in the mood?
a. the sight of an attractive face or body
b. the way a lover touches you
c. hearing a sexy voice or listening to music
d. the scent of cologne or a partner’s skin

4. In your daily life do you prefer?
a. Having many irons in the fire.
b. Working on a project until you become bored with it.
c. Proceeding in a methodical, thorough manner.
d. Making a list and checking off things when completed.

5. Which of the following describes what occurs when you lose your temper?
a. Doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s a doozy
b. Short bursts of anger
c. Seething resentment
d. Quiet suffering and then crying

6. If it were up to you, how many times would you have sex per week?
a. 7-10
b. 4-5
c. 1-3
d. less than once a week

7. If you were considering a one-night stand, whom would you prefer?
a. a mysterious stranger you’ll never see again
b. a friends with benefits
c. someone who reminds you of an old boyfriend
d. no one—you don’t have one-night stands

8. Who are you most likely to be in your sexual fantasies?
a. the pursuer
b. the pursued
c. part of a ménage a trois
d. you don’t fantasize, you just act

9. What one word best describes your sexual rhythm?
a. quick
b. erratic
c. slow
d. flowing

10. When faced with a big decision do you
a. Weigh all the pros and cons
b. Talk to everyone you know
c. Use your intuition
d. Avoid making a decision

11. Where do your favorite childhood memories take place?
a. home
b. social gatherings
c. sports or cultural events
d. outside

12. Would you enjoy sex in a place where you might get caught?
a. Yes
b. No

13. What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
a. lie on the couch and watch movies
b. go out for brunch
c. read the entire Sunday newspaper
d. take a hike, go for a run, or play sports

14. If asked to perform or speak in front of people do you
a. Freeze
b. Glow with pleasure
c. Do a competent job
d. Get stage fright but manage

15. If a person looked into your clothes closets they would find
a. neatly hanging clothes
b. clothes hung according to season/color
c. everything jammed together
d. costumes as well as everyday clothes

16. What do you think is your best physical feature?
a. large breasts
b. long legs
c. a shapely bottom
d. a graceful neck and shoulders

17. What male physical feature interests you the most?
a. muscular shoulders and arms
b. a well-defined behind
c. sensuous lips
d. height

18. If you have a complaint, your most usual phrase is?
a. It’s not fair
b. I don’t feel well
c. Things are boring
d. I don’t have enough….

19. What lighting best puts you in the mood?
a. total darkness
b. candlelight
c. daylight
d. lighting doesn’t matter

20. What personality trait is most attractive to you in a mate?
a. generosity
b. loyalty
c. humor
d. steadiness

21. What would you consider adding to a relationship to spice things up?
a. a vibrator or other sex toy
b. fantasy role play
c. watching pornography
d. none of the above

22. Select one of the following words to complete this sentence:
If life isn’t__________, it’s not worth it
a. fun
b. interesting
c. mysterious
d. secure

23. If you were hoping for a long-term relationship with someone, when would you most likely sleep together for the first time?
a. on the first date
b. after at least 3 dates
c. at the two-month mark
d. not until you’re married

24. Which of the following sexual practices would you be least likely to enjoy?
a. oral sex
b. rough sex
c. quick sex
d. anal sex

25. What do you consider an important prelude to good sex?
a. dinner and flowers
b. sexy talk
c. good jokes
d. a massage

26. When is your favorite time to make love?
a. in the evening, before going to sleep
b. early in the morning
c. in the afternoon
d. in the middle of the night

27. Your general attitude toward life is?

a. Practical
b. Changeable
c. Sentimental
d. Exuberant

28. What do you wear to sleep after making love?
a. nothing
b. a nightie
c. his pajama top
d. an old T-shirt

29. What do you consider a sexy scent?
a. citrus
b. vanilla
c. patchouli
d. mint

30. Would you ever consider adding a third partner?

31. How does the full moon make you feel?
a. sleepy
b. passionate
c. wildly alert
d. you don’t notice anything in particular

32. What is the strongest aphrodisiac for you?
a. money
b. status
c. a sense of adventure
d. good looks

33. What kind of humor do you most enjoy?
a. witty language
b. slapstick
c. black humor
d. practical jokes

34. What’s your favorite sexual position?
a. missionary
b. woman on top
c. doggie style
d. all of the above

35. If you had to choose ONE word to describe yourself it would be?
Emotional Mysterious
Courageous Diplomatic
Impetuous Humorous
Practical Dedicated
Unique Knowledgeable
Discerning Intuitive

36. Which of the following turns you on the most

a. kissing
b. tickling
c. rubbing
d. nibbling

37. Which of the following do you consider essential grooming for yourself to encourage good sex?

a. bikini wax
b. unshaved armpits
c. manicured nails/toenails
d. unshaved pubic area

38. You would enjoy a male partner with

a. tattoos
b. pierced nipples
c. long hair
d. pierced ear

39. If a sexy evening did not work out for you both you would
a. try again later that evening
b. talk about the “game tapes”
c. forget about it
d. run away and hide

40. The most important part of a relationship between the sheets for you is:

a. cuddling afterwards
b. orgasms
c. anticipation
d. pillow talk afterwards

Thursday, June 10, 2010

There is so many things wrong with this picture!!

3-Year-Old Girl Addicted To Smoking & Boozing After Accident

Addict ... Ya Wen, 3, puffing on a fag

A Chinese toddler aged three has become mysteriously addicted to smoking and drinking after a car accident. Little Ya Wen lives in a shelter with her parents who collect and sell rubbish for money.

Her mother Gao explained the little girl was knocked down by a speeding van last year.She was rushed to hospital where doctors managed to stabilise her. She woke up a week later and recovered fully after a couple of months - but her mum soon found her secretly smoking cigarettes.

And she was soon stealing packs off her father's cigarettes - as well as putting them on their local shop tab.Gao said her daughter has now been addicted to smoking for a year and has also taken a liking to drink and changed her preference in clothes."She only likes boy's clothes. If we don't buy them for her, she cries in protest. "She also likes drinking."Three glasses of beer is no problem to her."

Broadbuzz June 10th

What do you think did Sarah Palin get a boob job? Post your comment!! Here is the story to go with the pictures:
Sarah Palin is obviously taking extra measures now that Joe McGinnis, a writer who's working on a tell-all book about her, has moved in next door to her in Alaska. Clearly, when Sarah is seen taking out the trash, or gutting her latest moose kill, she'd like author McGinnis to see her looking as attractive and vibrant as possible, right? Maybe she'd even throw in a couple of those infamous, flirty Palin winks, too?
I mean, come on:
Did you see the latest hoochie-coochie look Palin had going on at the Belmont Stakes? When have we ever seen these kinds of boobs on arguably the biggest boob in the political arena these days?
Not since her beauty contest days, that's for sure. And maybe not even then—to this D-cup degree, at least.
Why's that?
Because now Palin's marketing herself as a best-selling author, Fox News pundit and professional-speaking-engagement rouser. In short: a celebrity. And what better way to help peddle your wares than to show off the ones you were given? But this route raises a question:
Are these the 46-year-old grandma's natural breasts, looking all perky and awfully out there at the New York racing event? You decide. But it's clear to us here at the A.T. that Palin isn't taking this latest invasion by McGinnis—as well as the archenemies Palin considers the evil, Democrat, big-government goonies—lying down.
Or, certainly her breasts won't be. This is war, and Bristol's mom is going to be lining up the best defense she possesses: her bod.

Just because it is fun to be caddy:

It’s been rumored that long-time besties, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, had a falling-out in the last year or so. Madonna’s rep denies any rift between the famous workout-loving blondes, but an “insider” says: “They don’t speak. I can’t tell you exactly why they had the falling out, but Gwyneth can be jealous and competitive.” In May’s British Vogue, Gwyneth herself even hinted at rough waters with a friend, though she didn’t name names, saying: “I’m having a situation right now with a friend where I’m feeling pretty angry.” Could Madonna be the pal in question? Maybe!
1. Gwyneth is jealous that Madonna’s faux accent sounds better than hers.
2. Madonna got tired of Gwynnie’s GOOP poop stinking up her loo.
3. Gwyneth decided to trade in Madonna for a younger wife.
4. Madonna got tired of eating steamed kale every time she visited Gwyneth.
5. Gwyneth may have Moses, but Madge has Jesus. Power imbalance!
6. Gwyneth is scared of Madonna’s arms.
7. After her divorce, Madonna refused to hang out with anyone “British

Sometimes it is necessary for us to own a pair of these http://www.camelflage.com/

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Choffy Tasting with Nicolle Boswell

Today we had Nicolle in studio and discoveredd how amazing brewed chocolate is and how good it is for you! Who knew! She did. Check it out!! www.drinkchoffy.com/boswell