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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Show Schedul from January 17th - January 21st.

Monday January 17th
Best of Show! We are of for Martin Luther Kind Day.

Tuesday January 18th
Today Johnny Weir is on to talk about his book "Welcome to my World" and new single, "Dirty Love" Then Christine ran into Gennifer Goodwin on Friday and they talked about this season of Big Love and her new engagement. Finally you will hear all about what the Broads did over the love weekend and it is good.

Wednesday January 19th
The Broads will kick off the show talking about the new lottery winners who have surfaced. If you don't know the story check it out! What would you do in this situation? Did you see Howard Stern on Peirs Morgan's Show last night? It was really good. Today the broads will have The Varsity Girls in studio serenading them. Regular Broad Ryan O'Connor has some breaking news and we will meet the new Miss America.

Thursday January 20th
Did you watch American Idol last night? We are going to talk about with Damian Holbrook from TV Guide Magazine. Then lets talk crooks with Bill Glasser from America's Most Wanted. Finally The Sundance Film Festival starts tomorrow and we will check in with Allie.

Friday January 21st
We know people are freaking out over the latest news about our astrological signs. Well don't Regular Broad Constance Stellas is here to set the record straight. Molly wants to talk about kissing! 866-267-0447 Then the Broads will talk all about their big weekend plans.