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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chelsea Kaplan does it for the boys today on Broadminded.

Guy got a gut? Regular Broad Chelsea Kaplan of themomtourage.com came in with some of the new Spanx for Men tees. We made our producer, Jeff, and Don Wicklin, our big boss, come in and try them out for us! The Spanx men's tees and tanks are $55-58 and are available

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The 1st Annual American Idol Crappy Awards!!!

1st Annual American Idol Crappy Awards

And the Categories are:

The award for “The judge that could care less about what you are saying because quite frankly, he checked out months ago…(oh…and don’t’ forget “X- Factor premieres this fall on FOX)

The award for “Worst Performance of a Beatles song"

The award for “The contestant that would Christine would most likely sleep with”

The award for “The best performance by an Adam Lambert wannabe”

The award for “Which judge should be replaced by Paula Abdul"

The award for “The Idol contestant that will most likely to end up washing your car in 2 years"

The award for “The Idol contest whose next performance into a mic will be
“Do You Want Fries with that?”

The Sanjaya Lifetime Achievement Award for the contestant that wore out their welcome the fastest

The award for “The Idol contestant that would make Ellen go straight”

The award for “The Idol with the Most Annoying performance"

The award for “The Idol that wore the Worst outfit”

The award for “The Idol that was the Worst Contestant”

The award for “The Worst Guest Judge”

The award for “The Idol that will be a Future Porn Star"

The award for “The Idol that will appear on Celebrity Rehab"

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