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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello from the Broads, yes Molly and Christine

Hello to all our listeners,
Thank you for waiting so patiently thru all the best of's. We are still in negotiations with Sirius XM and miss our live shows. So much happening with Lost, American Idol and The Bachelor...
Thank god bikini girl didn't make it thru, do you like the new set up for the final 12? They are only taking the top 3 and then going back for wild cards? Confusing?? Molly thinks this season of Lost is boring, things need to start happening...lil cheesy for Molly! How great is The Bachelor? How about that episode with Naomi with the bird. Christine is not sure how she feels about Molly and Melissa being in the bottom 2 but we shall see because next week DeAnna returns...

Keep checking the website for updates, whether it is blogs or a pod cast on where are they now. Hang in there with us! We miss our listeners and Molly even misses the peanut gallery!!!

The Broads

What are the broads doing right now:
Christine is drinking her wieght in wine!!
Molly wishes she could drink wine but instead is eating Christine's turkey Chili and complaining about her stomach being bloated!!!