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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year and a New Time!! It's our first week in morning drive..

Monday 1-3-2011 - Dear god it is early but we are ready to go!! Happy New Year Everyone today we are in a new time slot but hopefully everyone can still tune in. Today our Regular Broads Dr. Hema Sundaram is back to talk all about new fillers, botox and much more. A beautiful new you in the new year - http://www.my360makeover.com/ Then psychic Sherry Sherry is back taking your call, 866-267-0447. http://www.sherrysherry.com/ Finally he is back David Caplan from http://www.toofab.com/ to talk entertainment in 2011.

Tuesday 1-4-2011 - Day two on the morning train. We must talk about last night The Bachelor. What did you think? Is he a good choice, bad, annoying??? 866-267-0447 Then poor Tiger Wood oh I mean Brett Farve it is just getting worse everyday for him. Did we really think it is over? Then lets talk debt with Hollis Colquhoun. Did you run up all your credit cards this holiday season? She and her book can help you - http://www.financialsurvivaltools.com/ Then lets move on to where the broads are most challenged. Organization with Jill Pollack, she is good - http://www.jillpollack.net/

Wednesday 1-5-2011 - Happy half way through our first week back to work. Today have a great show today. We really need to talk about all the Dead birds and fish showing up in Louisiana and Arizona. What do you think? Also did you watch Live to Dance last night? What did you think of Paula? Then Tom Ruskin former NYPD detective joins us to talk about the murder of John P Wheeler. Finally the mentalist The Amazing Kreskin gives us his predictions for 2011 - http://www.amazingkreskin.com/

Thursday 1-6-2011 - It's all about the regulars today first we need to talk about this amazing story a homeless man turns into broadcast star. check it out Did you watch The People's Choice Awards last night? 866-267-0447 Then what meds are you on? What are all your side effects? Christine is about to start a new one and the side effects on the Internet are freaking her out. 866-267-0447 Then the one and only Valerie Harper joins us to talk Broadway and her appearance on Desperate Housewives this Sunday. Then we finish off a great show with our 2 Regular Broads Damien Holbrook from http://www.tvguide.com/ then Bill Glasser from America's Most Wanted. http://www.amw.com/

Friday 1-7-2011 - Happy Friday everyone and do we have a treat for you well really for us. Mikey and Joe are going to be instudio with the broads. They are cops and really anything can happen. Then Comedian Patton Oswalt is on to talk about his new book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland. http://www.pattonoswalt.com/ Then our wonderful astrologer Constance Stellas will join us with Astrology predictions for 2011 and she will take your phone calls. 866-267-0447 http://www.constancestellas.com/