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Thursday, June 10, 2010

There is so many things wrong with this picture!!

3-Year-Old Girl Addicted To Smoking & Boozing After Accident

Addict ... Ya Wen, 3, puffing on a fag

A Chinese toddler aged three has become mysteriously addicted to smoking and drinking after a car accident. Little Ya Wen lives in a shelter with her parents who collect and sell rubbish for money.

Her mother Gao explained the little girl was knocked down by a speeding van last year.She was rushed to hospital where doctors managed to stabilise her. She woke up a week later and recovered fully after a couple of months - but her mum soon found her secretly smoking cigarettes.

And she was soon stealing packs off her father's cigarettes - as well as putting them on their local shop tab.Gao said her daughter has now been addicted to smoking for a year and has also taken a liking to drink and changed her preference in clothes."She only likes boy's clothes. If we don't buy them for her, she cries in protest. "She also likes drinking."Three glasses of beer is no problem to her."

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Anonymous said...

So there is a theroy and several people who might believe this though others might not accept the idea of it. It is possible that when the girl got in this accident that she was taken over from someone else in the accident who had these same traits, or even a wandering soul. Its possible for possesion to take place in sitatutions like this and then the victims are never the same. Either that or her parents are just crazy.