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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Choffy Tasting with Nicolle Boswell

Today we had Nicolle in studio and discoveredd how amazing brewed chocolate is and how good it is for you! Who knew! She did. Check it out!! www.drinkchoffy.com/boswell


Pamela said...

Choffy sounds really yummy. I'm going to have to try this!

So... Molly...who won on the "first to post a comment on Molly's Movie Blog" contest?

What was the prize?

Love listening to you Broads...really makes the work afternoon go by MUCH more pleasantly!


Nicolle Boswell said...

Broads and Broads fans,
It was a pleasure to come on the show yesterday and share with you all about Choffy! I also wanted to let everyone know that I have my own blog in addition to my website where I blog about Choffy. It is www.iheartbrewedchocolate.blogspot.com
On the blog I have posted a few recipes and brewing instructions along with pictures. The pics may help you become more familiar with how to brew it. ;) Thanks again!