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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Astrology for the week of March 1 to March 7 from Sherry Sherry

Mercury is in Pisces for the next three weeks which will give us trouble
distinguishing what is real and what we THINK is real
During this period be extra cautious of "con games", and anything that sounds
"too good to be true"
During this period it is extra important for you to as truthful and accurate as
you can in anything you say or write because of Mercury in Pisces creating veils
of illusion and disillusion
The Moon and Saturn are CLASHING with Pluto, which will cause clashes between
"Partners", this includes personal and business relationship, and is accelerated by
Mercury being in Pisces
THURSDAY is a good day for CREATIVE projects
Later this week Venus is moving into AIRIES a fire sign full of energy, which can
bring FIRE in to emotional relationships and situations. Remember, FIRE can
warm you up, or burn you up. Like our parents always told us, DON'T PLAY
Continuing from last week, please postpone any elective procedures or surgeries until
AFTER March 3 due to high risk of extra bleeding. Pay extra attention to any
cuts or wounds you get during this time.

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