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Monday, February 22, 2010

Astrology for the week of Feb 22 - 28 From Psychic Sherry Sherry

Several things are going on this week, but first and foremost - IF YOU HAVE ANY ELECTIVE SURGERIES scheduled between February 25 and March 3, see if you can reschedule it to another date after March 3. Having the full moon in Virgo, affects work, HEALTH, and small pets, combined with blood levels and emotional levels being high, there is a chance for bleeding, infection or other probelems related to health and surgical procedures.
Also this week with with Mercury aligning with Neptune in Aquarius,pay special attention to your thought processes and make sure you are thinking clearly before you make decisions, or state your position about something. It is an easy time to jimp to the wrong conclusions while FEELING that you are absolutely RIGHT, so think twice or even three times before you speak or act on important matters.
Finally, this full moon in Virgo on Sunday starts a 2 week period of cleaning out, tearing down, taking apart and reorganizing or rearranging things, both emotionally and physically. So it is a good time to clean out your closet, office, garage, home, and then reoraganize it in a manner that fits the NEW YOU better. It is a great time to start new resolutions such as work or exercise and construct new organization or routines in your daily life.
Have a great week!
Sherry Sherrty


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A few days ago you and Sherry Sherry were speaking to a woman that had found out that her boyfriend of 8 years had married another woman without telling her. She found pictures on the guy's sister's facebook page.
Sherry Sherry told her to sever her emotional ties to this guy by using a method of cutting her "attachment cords" or some word that began with an "A".
She asked how to do that and Sherry said that she should go to your website and it was ritual she explained there. Well.....
I can not find that explained anywhere and I want to do it too. Please have her either repeat what she was talking about or write about it in the blog.
Will be waiting and listening as always.
Love you gals.