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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things we covered on the show!! Enjoy

GQ List of men with NO BALLS:

George Clooneys New Girlfriend:



Anonymous said...

Dear Broads

So you think Michael Vick deserves a second chance? He tested positive for marijuana on the day he attended "empathy" classes. His punishment was just a vacation for him- a party.

Giving him a second chance sends the message "go ahead and abuse animals you'll be forgiven in a minute."

He abused, tortured and killed dogs for EIGHT YEARS. He personally electrocuted them, held them underwater in a swimming pool, strung them up like hammocks and slammed them into the ground until their backs broke.

Next year he will make 10 million dollars.

I've written boycott letters to all corporate sponsors of the Eagles and anyone with a conscience should do the same.


Anonymous said...


They would do the same for us...


Tegan said...

this blog is kind of confusing. anyway, i love you broads! been listening forever and just wanted to say i'm glad you girls are still around and wish you even more success with the addition of the sirius crowd. i gotta say i like how jeff will stand up to molly...makes it more interesting, as in the past she has been bullish in her opinions, and no one seemed willing to argue. haa! thanks for keeping it fresh (even though i think crone stones are kinda lame)!

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