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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday May 19th

Forbes Celebrity 100 Power Listhttp://www.forbes.com/2011/05/16/lady-gaga-tops-celebrity-100-11.html

Damian Holbrook from TV Guide talk TV and Idol

Bill Glasser has a huge announcement

Victoria Zackheim and Amy Ferris on their book "He said What"

Jonathan Groff talks Glee

Who do you think is leaving idol tonight?

See ya!


Scott Kelley said...

Scotty will probably win Idol. I can't believe Haley is still on. She's just not good. The problem with Scotty is that EVERY song sounds exactly the same. They used to bury contestants who never changed it up..
Also, how the beck do you find your Facebook page? One that shows on Google says it's Scott to be archived for not being used. Can you link to it on here?

Barbara said...

I am not a country fan, so if a country singer is going to go to the finale, I hope it is Lauren. She is beautiful, sweet and has an amazing tone and quality to her voice. She has huge potential to be a big country star. At this point, I would prefer if Lauren and Haley went to the finale. Scotty's voice is monotone for me and every song sounds the same. I find him boring. I have voted for Haley each week and I disagree with you that she doesn't have what it takes to be a star. She is personable, funny, has an amazing voice, very comfortable on stage and, she believes in herself. She is a natural and I hope she wins the competition.

Merry said...

I heard a commercial during your show this morning about Lyme disease but I cannot remember the website. Can somebody post it please?!? Thanks!