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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unbelievable Broad Liz Securro

Crash Into Me, A Survivor's Search for Justice
Crash Into Me, a memoir, shares the horror of a young woman’s freshman year at the University of Virginia and how her life was forever altered. In 1984, Liz was raped after being drugged at a fraternity party that she attended with a friend. First, the local hospital didn't process rape kits and told her to drive to D.C. for help. Then, university officials insisted campus, rather than Charlottesville police handle the crime and dismissed her with condescension. Twenty-one years later, Seccuro received a letter from her rapist asking for forgiveness. Plagued with twenty years of “why” Liz started a dialogue with him and later pressed charges. The legal battle and media attention only give Seccuro more resolve that her actions, however belated, are right, for herself and the victims of countless rapes that are never prosecuted. The book includes a transcript of the preliminary hearing, with its shocking revelation of what Seccuro endured that night. This brave account reveals an alarming array of mishandling, poor judgment, and outright lies from university officials and students at the party. Her story shines light on a systemic lack of concern and care given to rape victims all over the world today. Crash Into Me sends a message of justice, hope and forgiveness that every American citizen is entitled to.

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