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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Air Schedule for 1-9-2010 - 1-13-2010

Monday January 10th
We are going to be talking about the horror in Arizona. How is it effecting you? Former NYPD Detective and regular broad Tom Ruskin is back on to talk Jared Lee's profile and much more. The very hot Gillis Marini joins the broads to talk about his latest role on Castle tonight. Then Brooke White from American Idol stopped by on Friday and we spoke with her about the new season of AI which starts next week and her new movie. Psychic Sherry Sherry will be taking your calls, 866-267-0447.

Tuesday January 11th
There are so many hero's from tragedy. We will talk about how courageous Bill Badger, Roger Salzeber and Patricia Maisch - http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/10/wounded-man-physician-among-those-who-stepped-up-during-shooting/?iref=allsearch Then if you haven't heard this story it is just awful, Allen Haywood was attacked by children while waiting for the metro train. He joins us in studio and you must hear his story. Here is a link to the video of the beating that went viral - http://www.aolnews.com/2011/01/07/d-c-metro-rider-attacked-by-children-video/ Then lets lighten up the day, did you watch The Bachelor last night. Dear god....Oh also Charlie Sheen spent the weekend in Las Vegas for the porn convention. Oh man go to the broadbuzz page for all the dirty details.

Wednesday January 1-12-2010
Brian Bucksell is a private investigator and he is going to join us in studio to talk about what the day in the life of a PI is like. www.thebucksellgroup.com Then Lo Boswoth from "The Hills" is on to talk about her new book ">"Lo Down". Finally from VIVmag.com we will talk with Anne Russel about this online magazine launch.

Thursday January 13th
It's a day full of Regulars first up Damian Holbrook from TV Guide gives us the latest in TV. If you want to ask him about a new show or really anything give us a call, 866-267-0447. Then Bill Glasser from America's Most Wanted will update us on all things crime including the profile of Jared Lee. Finally Debi Mazar is the latest celebrity to get her own cooking show and we can't wait to see it. We will talk with her and her husband all about their show Extra Virgin.

Friday January 14th
Gearing up for a 3 day weekend hopefully Christine and Molly have dates or something interesting to do. We will hear all about that and then Regular Broad Carol Lee Campbell will be here to give you a crone stone reading. Check her out under our regular broads and give us a call. 866-267-0447 Johnny Weir has a new book "Welcome to my world" out and we are going to talk to him all about it and Skating with the stars. Then actor Clint Howard talks about his latest movie "The Dilemma"

Have a great and safe weekend!! See ya on Tuesday!
The Broads


Anonymous said...

Broads, please post on your blog who we can contact to ask about getting a replay of your show at a reasonable hour! Hate Dr Laura.

Anonymous said...


I agree with the other post. I am a CPA and it is tax season. I need some fun listening while I work :) I loved listening to you after lunch. Now I am only catching your last hour in the morning. I wish they would replay you at night around 9 central time when I come back to work again - please, please, please!

Anonymous said...

I love your show but it is not a morning show for me. 4 hours of "Dr" Laura is horrible. Please come back to afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I miss u girls in the afternoon!! Dr. Laura for lunch is not working for me. I will miss your American Idol round table.
Luv u girls!!!!

Christine said...

PLEASE PLEASE switch back to your regular time!!! Since I'm on the West Coast, I can't even listen to your show now (3am-6am?!?!) That's crazy!!! I used to look forward to every day when I could listen to you, and now I can't stand turning on XM since Dr. Laura is on all the time!!!! Yuck.