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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Wines from Andrew Stover

Sip into Fall with Sommelier Andrew Stover, Chiefwino

OYA Restaurant & Lounge

SEI Restaurant

Going into fall, I tend to start drinking wines with a little more OOMPH than
what I might be enjoying on a hot summer day: bigger whites and light-medium bodied reds. Think wines that feature flavors of the season: ripe tree fruits, baking spices, wet forest floor and truffles/mushrooms.

Urciuolo Greco di Tufo, Campania, Italy

Greco is the name of the grape used in this complex little wine. Aromas of ripe tree fruits—peach, apricot, apple mixed with wet stone, forest floor and almond notes. This is an interesting alternative white for Chardonnay drinkers because the texture is round and smooth. Pairs with salads and grilled seafood dishes.

SHINDIG Pinot Noir Blend, Michigan

Pinot Noir is a great wine choice moving into the fall, especially those with earthy, fall like flavors. Look for dark cherry and plum fruit mixed with truffles and forest floor. Pinot is always a favorite for grilled salmon, seared duck and dishes that feature mushrooms.

Dos Cabezas Sangiovese, Arizona

Sangiovese is the great grape of Chianti. The difference between Italian Sangiovese and “New World” Sangiovese is mainly the “fruitiness” factor. Chianti and Italian Sangiovese based wines tend toward a rustic style with tart cherry, earth and vanilla spice notes while wines like the Dos Cabezas are almost reminiscent of Pinot Noir with sweet dark cherry fruit along with earth and vanilla spice. Both types of wine are very suited for pizza, especially the SHINDIG!

Josep Foraster ‘Collita’ Tempranillo, Conca de Barbera, Spain

Another favorite fall wine is Spanish Tempranillo. These hearty reds feature black fruit flavors mixed with earth, truffles and toasty baking spice. Pair with lamb, game meats and hearty casseroles.

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