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Monday, July 12, 2010

Today's Show

Sorry for another Best of Today, we are back from vacation but.... well just tune in tomorrow to hear all about it!
The Broads


Bill said...

July 7 2010: A male fan fell from the second deck of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Tex. last night while reaching for a foul ball, landing in the field level seats below. He lost his balance and fell nearly 30 feet before landing on fans in the field-level seats.

The fan was taken out of the stadium on a stretcher and went to John Peter Smith Hospital by ambulance. Four fans who the man landed on were treated for minor injuries at the stadium.

A similar incident occurred at Yankee Stadium in 2005 when a 18-year-old fan Scott Harper jumped from the upper deck. He fell 40 feet and landed on the netting that extends over the seats behind home plate.

Bill said...

It is Matsui, not Matsuka

Bill said...

The Yankees have the best won/lost record of any team in all of baseball this year, either the American or National League.