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Friday, June 18, 2010

Andrew and Angela Wines for Personalities

Wines for Personalities!
Angela Milas - Blog - Paint the Town Leopard http://paintthetownleopard.blogspot.com/

If girls are so picky about the shoes they wear, the cars they drive (luxury vehicles only, please!), and the men they have sex with, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t select their wine based on their personality. As a DC blogger and vino enthusiast, I’ve chosen some excellent boutique vineyard wines that compliment everyone from the keg-standing sorority girl to the fist-pumping guidette, and everything in between. Alongside the best sommelier in DC, Mr. Andrew Stover, we’ve selected the wines to best outfit three very distinct (notice how I don’t say distinguished) types of women and one for the stereo-typical Washingtonian male.

1-Sauvignon Blanc: This is for the Kappa Alpha Delta, Gamma Theta Beta, Lamba Omega Iota sorority girl. It’s just as clean and crisp as any Ralph Lauren polo shirt and is as crystal clear as the pearls around their neck. It’s perfect for a girls’ night in alongside popcorn while watching Legally Blonde and makes any girl feel as adorable as Elle Woods. Plus, the fruity notes add an interesting twist to its finish.

2-Sparkling Rose: This is for the bitch, the snob, or the ultimate frenemy. Think about that hot, sexy career woman who tries to sabotage all of her colleagues to get ahead. She drives a fast car, has thigh high Louboutains, lots of Botox, and has zero time for men. She treats herself, is powerful, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Though she can be sweet, the Sparkling Rose has a strong edge on its finish.

3-Chardonnay: Buttery, complex, and tasty, this is for the acrylic nails and hoop earing-wearing Jersey Shore guidette. Drinking this is a bedazzled wine glass while fist pumping, Snookie would love a glass with it not just because it tastes so damn good, but because it goes great with her family’s Italian cuisine. Wear all of the animal print that you can find, poof your hair, and don’t forget your Ed Hardy; this Chardonnay is big, loud, and unforgettable.

4-Merkin Chupacabra Red: For the type of guy who likes loafers, wind-breakers, comb-overs, but still appreciates the finer things in life. After downing the Chupacabra, he'll probably end up at Third Edition afterwards looking for his dream date who will probably be donned in Lily Pulitzer (vom). It doesn't help the situation that the lead singer of Tool helped to produce this wine, either. 

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