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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spanx's New Swimwear line giveaway from Chelsea Kaplan

Sisters, let ue hook you up with the glorious news that might just revolutionize your summer: Spanx, a favorite of broads everywhere, has recently introduced a swimwear line. Just in time to suck in all of our guts by pool season, the slimming swimsuits are super-cute (no matronly Mom-suits here - we swear!) and really, truly make you look 10-15 pounds lighter. On Wednesday, Regular Broad Chelsea Kaplan joined us to highlight Spanx’s new swimwear line - we even tried on the suits in-studio! As a bonus, we’ve got five $150 shopping sprees to Spanx.com to give away so you can check 'em out too! To win, go to Chelsea's blog, The Momtourage, at www.themomtourage.com and you'll see the instructions on how to enter. Five winners will be chosen at random this Friday - good luck!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the swimsuit! Alice S.

Anonymous said...

These suits are adorable. I love spanx. Can't wait to try one!

Anonymous said...

I'm a 58 year old broad!! I LOVE you guys!
I can't wait to try a SPANX swimsuit.
I'm hoping my rolls don't pour out under my armpits.


Anonymous said...

I love the spanx swimsuit! Despite eating healthy & working out every day (at 5am nonetheless) I still have "problem areas". I LOVE my three children but pregnancy sure takes a toll on the body! Now if I can just survive the upcoming round of cuts at my corporation, I can get a few swimsuits! Wendy B.

Juli said...

I would have back fat, butt fat and thigh fat visible if it were not for Spanx. It is the wonder garment and I am excited to try the swimsuits!