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Thursday, March 25, 2010


By Psychic Sherry Sherry


· MONDAY: Mars & Saturn cooperating on Monday make a good
day for focus and productivity. Get your projects done!
After Monday, things will begin to slow down for the next 3 weeks.
· The next three weeks are a great time to move forward quickly in
short bursts of energy and intent, then stop at just the right times to
review what you have accomplished and plan your next step.
If you are not ‘in sync’ with these patterns, it can be very frustrating, but, if like the surfer out in the water, you watch intently, and wait for the right time to catch the right waves and ride them in to shore, you will accomplish much with great support from the universe. And every surfer knows that when there are no waves, the either wax their board, catch some sun or visit with friends, until the time and the waves are right again for them to take their boards out in to the ocean and ride some more waves.
· WEDNESDAY: Wednesday continues the stressful theme of proper use of personal power and public power, personal responsibilities and public responsibilities, real actions versus what you said you would do, and the reasons behind your actions or lack of action.
This pattern is strong especially through next Monday, so it still gives you some time to get things back on course and moving in the right direction, not only for you, but those around you.
(THINGS TO WATCH: VOTES ON HEALTHCARE, and the repercussions, public and private from the vote choices, PUBLIC FIGURES HAVING THEIR SECRETS REVEALED IE: Tiger Woods, Jesse James.)
· THURSDAY: The sun and Moon are both in FIRE signs that light your spirits and make for great cooperation with others, and a good time to get together with those that you care about.
· FRIDAY: Mercury and VENUS meet up in the strong sign of ARIES, which combined with the Moon in the fire sign of Leo which ENERGIZES EVERYTHING. There is a lot of FIRE in the air, so watch your emotions and the emotions of others carefully. Try to enjoy the energy without getting ‘burned’ by it all.
· SATURDAY/SUNDAY: The Moon moves out of firey Leo and into a quieter Virgo making for a great weekend to work on your spring cleaning and get a lot of projects and organizing accomplished.
This includes organizing our physical world, but also going within to ‘clean and organize’ our inner world as well, so take some time for quiet and reflection. Sit and sip on a cup of tea, while you consider changing the furniture around and cleaning the drapes.

1 comment:

LaVitaPura said...

Love your girls so much and love psychic Sherry Sherry! This is very indepth, thank you.
I've got a hot date this weekend, so I'll surely be "cleaning the drapes."