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Monday, October 12, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tell us how Breast Cancer has effected your life. Our broad listeners want to hear your stories. Whether it's your own person affliction with the disease or a tribute to a friend or family member we care about your story. If you would like to dedicate a song to a love one that has passed away please include that as well or email broadminded@xmradio.com!

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Jennifer said...
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TwinMom said...

In March 2008, a friend told me that she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the next year she went through chemo, lost her hair (she was a hairdresser and was so conscious of her looks, but she was beautiful and still so confident) had a double mastectomy, underwent radiation and missed only 12 days of work. In May, she went for the "all clear" scan. I happened to be with her getting my hair cut when she received the phone call with the results. I saw her crumple. I saw her eyes well up. The first signs of anything but strength and confidence she had shown. She hung up and told me it had spread: Liver, bones, possibly lungs.... I was stunned. We both knew what it meant. It was stage IV metastatic. Soon, she developed lymphedema in her right arm and couldn't cut or blow dry hair anymore. She had to leave work. Honestly, she was too weak by the stronger chemo to have continued. Since May, she has gone on a great trip with her husband & 11-year-old son and spent all of her time with them. Last Thursday, October 8, 2009, while I was whining about turning 40 and "being old" I got word that she had lost her battle. She was finally out of pain and at peace, but I was breathless and sad and had one of those very ugly sobbing cries. Tears are coming now as I remember her smile, laugh, beautiful hair, and beautiful spirit. I'm angry that this has stolen a mother from her child, a wife from her husband, and my friend from me. While you are doing your show Friday, I will be saying goodbye to my friend. I will be recording the show. This has changed my opinion of doing my own self exams and actually keeping the appointments for the mammograms. I know that my time with her while she went through this will change how I do many things in my life. I will honor her by being there for my children, getting my mammograms, and supporting breast cancer research.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holes,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2007 at age 46. I had a lumpectomy on my right breast and a reduction on my left breast. I went from a D cup to an A cup but I did not want implants. I had reconstruction surgery at the same time they did the lumpectomy. I had 8 rounds of chemo therapy and 33 radiation treatments. I returned to work six weeks after my surgery and working during chemo and radiation. It was tough. I wouldn’t recommend working if you have a choice but it’s doable.

The message I would like to convey to the Broadminded listeners is self examination. I was having yearly mammograms but I found the lump myself. Please please feel yourself girls!

Love you broads. Thanks for raising awareness.

Tami from MD, listener for over 2 years.