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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Which tour should the broads go on? Also help Audrey!


U.S.A. Tours
Grand Canyon
Mount Rushmore & Yellowstone
California Coast & Yosemite
New England & Fall Colors
Canada Tours
Canadian Rockies & Glacier
Nova Scotia & Prince Edward


Anonymous said...

You should go on the tour to Mount Rushmore...it has so much history, the country is gorgeous and plenty of cowboys!

Bergs in the Burbs said...

Ok Broads...here's my two cents:

Runner-Up: Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island.

Winner: California Coast/Wine Country

Ok, so I'm biased here because I work in the wine biz, but I don't think you can go wrong with the CA trip. Great food, great wine, hunky men to share the latter with...plus, you can always feign an injury on one of the planned hikes and get rescued by a handsome park ranger....it sounds like a great trip.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Ojai,CA this past weekend and did the hike thing and am sore. They are steep hills and lots of rock to watch your step.

Tammy said...

I just came back from too short of a trip to the Canadian Rockies. It is so beautiful - even more amazing than it looks in the pictures. Go there - you won't be disappointed. And if you decide not to go there - can you send me instead?

Debra said...


Anonymous said...

Love your show, Molly and Christine! I think you should go to the Canadian Rockies...I have been there and it is a visual experience! LOVED Glacier NP, plus the town of Waterton is awesome. If you go to Jasper, be sure to see the Canadian ice field...my whole experience there was wonderful. You never imagined so much beauty in one place!!

Debbie said...

It's me again, giving another vote. ALSO, the northern CA coast is awesome. My favorite place in the whole world is Big Sur. I don't know how far north you will go, but Mendocino is awesome too.
There are great places to stay in Big Sur, and great food. Have a great time!

Margaret said...

Hmm. With Wine Country included, I was at first inclined to vote for California Coast. But not being a big fan of California wines, I have to vote for the beauty of Nova Scotia/PEI. Go for a change of scenery, broads. Canadian men.

Kay said...

Without a doubt..you should head up to Quebec City and Montreal. You get the quaint Euro feel in Quebec city and then you can hit Montreal for the big city fix. I would have you fly into Montreal, take the train (what Lady doesn't love a train) to Quebec City. Yep..the air will be crisp. The Quebecois accent will make your toes curl. Do it. Go Canadian. Kay

Cindy from Innerkip said...

You have to come to Canada!! My favorite place is Banff, Alberta.
Stay at the Chateau and have dinner at the wine bar.
They have a huge wine selection. The wine cellar reaches the top of the 50 foot ceilings. The staff need a library ladder on wheels to reach the wine.
I guarantee you will love it!

Cindy from Innerkip said...

Oops! Almost forgot the horseback ride through the mountains and river in the summer months and the amazing skiing in the winter. Trust me you won't be disappointed.

Leah said...

I vote one of the Canadian trips. I love Big Sur, but betting you guys have already done that trip.

Anonymous said...

I'd love it if you two went to Mt. Rushmore cause I'm going next year and a heads up would be great!

I don't mind your sloppy seconds on the the cowboys (break em in for me)

PS: Don't go to Canada. The Canadian accent is annoying i.e. Jillian. And Real Cowboys don't play hockey.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Hillman-I moved to Arizona in 1973 and in 1988 hiked the Havasupai Trail in the Grand Canyon and it will live in my memory forever. You don't have to do the 9 mile hike to see the magnificence of the Grand Canyon and you won't be disappointed with just going to the observation areas. This state has all the climate change you could ever want, hot desert, cool mountains and unbelievable beauty around every corner. We listen to you on our drives from Phoenix to our Strawberry home in the mountains every week and really enjoy the show.

Chrissy Hadley said...

I'm thinking that Yellowstone would be AWESOME...considering that I'm about 2 hours away from there in Montana. My husband and I just went there in April for opening weekend, it was great. Snowy still, but great none the less. Gives you a sense of what a small piece of the puzzle you are in this great big place.

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