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Friday, April 10, 2009

Golden Moon Tea Tasting on Broadminded!

Kashmiri Chai -
Kashmiri Chai is a unique tea blend with a smooth, rich and robust flavor. You will love this Kashmiri Chai tea because it is a rare ombination of black and green tea with the best quality cardamom seeds, loves, spice oil and cinnamon.

Jasmine Pearls -
Freshly picked green leaves layered with aromatic jasmine petals>exquisitely crafted by hand to bring out the full flavor and exotic fragrance of the jasmine flowers. A smooth, elegant tea of refinement and character which also makes a delightful iced tea.

Coconut Pouchong-
This South Pacific delicacy is composed of long, green leaves of rare>elegance that produce a serene, light tea. The subtle nectar of young coconut instills a tropical sweetness in this exquisite bouquet.

Orchid Temple Oolong-
A fragrant, pale-green infusion with an exquisite floral note that>lingers on the palate. It is complex and heady, yet smooth and refined.

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Anonymous said...

Which tea is the fat a** tea?