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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Broads are on Facebook...finally!




Anonymous said...

Where are the broads? Have they been taken off the radio??? Please answer so I can cancel my subscription. Or did both of them forget to show up on the same day. What the Heck!

Colorado Hole said...

The Facebook page is for us fans to talk to them and interface with each other. it is fun. they are still on the radio and on the internet...so they are everywhere!
chat with you soon online

Anonymous said...

I heard the broads are going to once a week starting next week. Christine said that she was going to have a lot more time on her hands. I don't know why they aren't saying anything. Sports Broad Connie said that it was her last herah yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Broads - can you please let us know what's happening to the show? You've been dropping hints that something's changing, but nothing official has been mentioned. I can't stand to be without you broads every day!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear when they were talking to Constatine from American Idol Rewind, they said don't put all your eggs in one basket, like we did. Plus they are repeats all next week.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Can't seem to hear any current broads out there in radio land. Really miss all the fun. Hope to hear you soon.

Anonymous said...

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