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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Future of The Show

Thank you everyone for your emails and phone calls regarding the future of the show. We have been talking with the new people over at Sirius XM. While we appreciate your support, we must ask you to stop e-mailing the Sirius XM management while things are being worked out. I know there are a lot of rumors since the merger, just hang in there with us while it all gets worked out. We really appreciate your loyalty to the show!!!
The Broads


Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous show. I've been listening for 2 years, XM/Sirius would be extremely foolish to do anything to this show. The time slot was changed, and people dealt with that, but with the new customer base that will be exposed to this show, I know it will be a "sirius" hit.

Thank you,
Debbie P. Lewis

Emma said...

Broadminded is the best show on the air - Siriusly! (buzz)

I need my daily dose of the Broads so please keep this show on the air forever!

Thank you.

Emma Brosnan

Anonymous said...

Broadminded is a great show. The broads keep me going at work. Please keep them on air.

Anonymous said...

I think we should still email the people who make these decisions and let them know how we feel. You can access the XM/Sirius Feedback page at http://www.xmradio.com/help/emailus.xmc?ch=155 or you can send an email directly to the "deciders" at:
sgreenstein@siriusradio.com and/or mkarmazin@siriusradio.com

Oh hell, fill out the feedback form and email the "deciders".
This is America! Let your voice be heard!

We love you, Broads and we will see this through to the end or we will cancel our subscriptions!

Tina said...

I love Broadminded! I listen everyday on my nexus xm radio. I record the show everyday to listen at work and it gets me through the day! Broadminded is the best show on XM. I am hoping they will give a 24 hour channel of the broads. That would be great. :)

Anonymous said...

I emailed and told them that I originally got XM for Take 5, which was a women station at the time but has turned into a family station, so I only keep my XM for Broadminded, which is the only original show since it's debut (except LifesWork). The other stations (CNN, E, music)I can record from my cable onto DVD and bring to work and listen on my portable player.

casey said...

Did I miss something??? Is the show going away or rumors of it?? Someone please fill me in!?!

Anonymous said...

Another fan of the show. I don't know what my day would be like without you ladies! (Despite the dirty, dirty feelings at the end of the show today...) The show is a guilty pleasure, and who hates a guilty pleasure? Who doesn't love a good belly laugh while they are driving, alone, in their car? (How often does that happen?) Howard Stern would love you guys. So would his fans. The world is a better place with you ladies!! Thanks, Chrissy

Lydia said...

We have 2 XM accounts and 1 Sirius account in the car. If I lose The Broads, I will cancel my 2 XM accounts and leave the Sirius account on the car. The Broads are the only reason I have 2 accounts! Why would I keep XM to listen to Dr. Laura?...I don't think so....I can listen to her for free on KFI 640.

Pay the broads what they are worth. Without them, your female programming is pretty weak considering many of us do not worship at the alter of Orpah.

So Cal

Sam K. said...

Christine & Molly,

Because of my loyalty to you, I will use this blog to post my position and "not email" the decision makers. Give me a break, I am a paying customer, and they are bithching about getting emails from paying customers! They have a lot of nerve!

I agree with Lydia's posting, the XM women's programming is lacking. Basically, your lazy management is recycling crap from AM radio for hours on end. How lazy is that????? Get off your a$$es and come up some more original programming like Broadminded.

Sirius came in my new car, I sometimes listen to the Alexis Stewart show with her friend Jennifer. Alex is so nasty and negative, seriously what does she have to be so bitchy about? If your management thinks they are a better show, they are wrong!!!!!

So management, hear me now, if you cancel the Broads, I will personally email you my account number and have you cancel my subscription. Do your job come up with original programming. For now, I will abide by management's request, and not email them directly.


Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what these rumors are but if any decisions result in no longer having this show IWILL CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION. I work long hours in my car and this show will take me from a ball of stress to laughing in seconds. Therapy comes in many forms. This is MINE!!!
Thank you Broads!!
Cindy from Canada

Anonymous said...

I cancelled my subscription when the broads moved to a lame time slot. I am totally a audiobook commuter now. I would concider re-newing my subscription if they went to a better slot (merger or no) and if someone taught Molly to interview (she talks so much, and mostly about herself, that the interviewed person can't get a word in). Nevertheless i really miss the broads and and the closest thing on Sirius is CosmoRadio and it is lousy.

anne said...

So Sirius keeps Dr. Laura and cancels Broadminded? Do either XM or Sirius realize that it's not just men who want endless sports that Subscribe. Seems to be a zillion sports channels, several running the same show concurrently, yet women get the choice of Oprah or Judith Regen and Dr. (use that term REALLY loosely) Laura; no Broadminded, no more E, lame as it became, no more Ellen, etc.. And they add the abhorrent Howard Stern. Yup, I'll keep it through the holidays since I like Holly, then it's time to save the monthly expense.

whyohwhy said...

So do we know if the were cancelled or not?????
I heard Barbara Walters tonight eeewwwwww
COme on, the lady is old, a billionaire and has an estranged relationship with her own dtr. WHy would we want to listen to her???
I am so angry the E went off, now this. I will cancel my subscription once I hear a definite that the Broads are gone.

Dean said...
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