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Friday, August 1, 2008

The Broads web site has a new look! And now the Broads have their own blog! So leave us your comments, Broads fans. We want to know what's on your mind...


Kristen said...

I love your new site!! And I didn't know one of your causes was stopping horse slaughter! On top of you broads being my favorite thing on the radio, you also cause my passion, saving horses from slaughter! Keep up the great work! I really love you guys and you keep me laughing and happy on the way to work, and the way home from work ( reruns ) xoxoxo

Christine said...

Thank you Susan the site looks amazing and I can't wait to start chatting with the listeners on the Broads Blog. Thank you so much for always taking good care of us! YOU ROCK....buzz buzz

Anonymous said...

You girls are awesome! I love the new site. Keep doin what you do! You both make me feel normal!!

Tish said...

The new site looks great! I really enjoy listening to the show every day while I am working.

Rhett said...

love the show, the new site and the blog. AWESOME!

cant wait to tune in today at noon!

Terri said...

Whooo-wee! Whistle-whistle! Nice looking website and thank gawd for the blogging option. Looking forward to hearing from other listeners and of course seeing Jason's playlists...(stay on him Christine).

Here's to no pussassy...cheers.

Gadgetgirl44 said...

I love to listen to the show and you girls are just crazy!!! The website is much better too!! Good improvements. I am interested in the First "lemony" white wine that Cheapwino.com guy talked about on todays show 8-5-08.

Christine said...

Today, Wine Broad, Andrew Stover and guest Jill Zimorski of Cafe
Atlantico/Mini Bar showed us some great wine ideas for the Dog Days of
Summer. They emphasized to look for crisp, acidic & fresh wines to
refresh yourself on hot and humid days. Stay away from those big, oaky
Chardonnays because they will just tire out your palate.

Wine #1: 2007 Xarmat Arabako Txakoli, Basque Region, Spain

• The wine is named ‘Xarmant’ which is the Basque spelling of the
French word for “Charming” and is meant to reflect the charming
nature of this wine.
• This wine is a blend of Hondarribi Zurri (80%), which is native to
this Basque Region, and is blended with Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and
Petit Corbu.
• The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks using native yeasts
and bottled with residual carbonic acid that gives the wine a natural
• The wine is medium straw yellow in color and has mild lemon-lime
aromatics and similar lemon-lime flavors with a hint of minerality.
Txakolina wines are high in acidity, low in alcohol and usually served
in a tumbler, with tapas.
• The wine is a perfect summer drink due to its lively acidity and
crispness – cooling and refreshing and a tremendous value. It pairs
very well with seafood – clams, raw fish (Crudo) or carpaccios (loved
it at Hook with various raw fish preparations. Great accompaniment to
salad/vegetable starters with citrus vinaigrette components.

Wine #2: 2006 Morgadio Albarino
• AlbariƱo is a variety of white wine grape grown in Galicia
(northwest Spain) and northern Portugal, where it is used to make
varietal white wines.
• The grape is noted for its distinctive aroma, very similar to that
of Viognier or Gewurztraminer, suggesting apricot and peach. The wine
produced is light, and generally high in acidity. I also find it can be
reminiscent of a dry riesling.
• The wine is medium straw yellow in color and has aromatics of honey,
flowers and citrus and peach. Notes of smoke and tropical fruit can
also be found
• The wine is always dry and fermented in stainless steel tanks –
oak would obscure the purity of fruit in the albarino.
• Adhering to the regionality principal in food and wine pairing –
that wine of a certain area goes well with food of a certain area,
Albarino is a natural accompaniment to fresh seafood – Rias Baixas is
the in region of Galicia in Northwest Spain – on the coast of the
Atlantic. Because of its more complex stone fruit flavors, it can
handle more full bodied fishes and white meats/poultry.

Wine #3: 2007 Ca’ Bona Pinot Grigio Rose, Lombardy, Italy
--Totally fun and perfect for summer heat—plus its PINK and PINK is
--Pinot Grigio grapes are not completely white…have slight pigment and
if macerated long enough, will produce a slightly pink white. Just like
Pinot Grigio, but with slight red fruit flavors—strawberry, raspberry,

Wine #4: 2007 Cederberg Chenin Blanc, South Africa
--huge grapefruit and citrus notes, melon and pear. Fresh and
--The style of Chenin Blanc from South Africa tends to be lighter and
more acidic than Chenin from the Loire Valley of France…those tend to
be a little heavier with a touch of sweetness. Still they are refreshing
with loads of minerality and ripe apple and pear notes. I prefer the
South Africa for a hot summer day, however.

Wine #5: 2007 Lynfred Sevyal Blanc, Illinois
--if you do like something a little sweet, this is a totally fun
wine…available in Chicagoland---or at OYA----one of our OBAMA wines
--made from a French-American hybrid grape…its like Sauvignon Blanc
meets Riesling. Loads of ripe citrus/grapefruit, little herbal
quality…and medium sweet. A great summer sipper and fabulous with
desserts. Its not quite a dessert wine so its better with less sweet
desserts…or cheese.

If you prefer reds over whites, try the following types of wine with
little chill--55 degrees will do.

Beaujolais from France
Pinot Noir from Europe or Oregon (lighter, fruitier styles)
Barbera from Italy
Dolcetto from Italy

Anonymous said...

I REALLLY hope this site is more maintained than the last one. I would hear the borads say they would put someone up on the site and it almost takes 2 months to do it. I know they themselves arent doing the sight ...but where's the whip??? Damn Molly I expect more from your harshness.

All in all Borads..you know I love you both...Christine..because we are so much alike and you say what I would...and Molly because we are so different...I want to stangle you som many times...but

when Sherry left..I wondered to my self...I was 1- happy Christine was staying but between you and Sherry...I am sooo Glad you stayed.

I guess we all need someone to argue with....I do love yelling and arguing with you in my car.


you both are what makes this show whta it is. Best wished to you an the merge.
I love you both.
Molly ...we have to go get drunk together...
I live in Colorado...we can go sking with jesse and Deanna. heahea

call me

alisa riley

Christine said...


Top grossing films of all time:

1 Gone with the Wind MGM $1,430,476,000 $198,676,459 1939^
2 Star Wars Fox $1,261,086,700 $460,998,007 1977^
3 The Sound of Music Fox $1,008,300,900 $158,671,368 1965
4 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Uni. $1,004,328,700 $435,110,554 1982^
5 The Ten Commandments Par. $927,480,000 $65,500,000 1956
6 Titanic Par. $908,688,900 $600,788,188 1997
7 Jaws Uni. $906,798,000 $260,000,000 1975
8 Doctor Zhivago MGM $878,879,000 $111,721,910 1965
9 The Exorcist WB $782,826,200 $232,671,011 1973^
10 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dis. $771,720,000 $184,925,486 1937^

Guy Allen said...

Hey the site ROCKS!

Now to invite those Russian Porn spammers on here....

Anonymous said...

I love listening to your show in the am, when I travel to work, I am then able to catch the rest of the show in the evening on my way home. I love your cander and it makes me feel like I am sitting with my best friend having similar conversations. You are both fun! and I laugh with you all the time...

Anonymous said...

Love the show and love the new website! One question that has got me in a panic--what's going to happen with the merger?! Will there still be Take Five? I will need pharmacologic intervention if the schedule changes!

Anonymous said...

I really want to know if Dex-C20 works or if Christine is just endorsing it. I need something that works!

joe said...

i am a drug rep, so i travel a lot! and my husband purchased xm and i listen to you ladies as much as possible! i was telling him about psychic sherri sherri and he does not believe she could crack into his thoughts. what time is good to call in to show him she is real? we live in washington state. i want to prove him wrong!

Anonymous said...

I am a long time listener and I love your new site!!! I listen at work everyday, except Monday now because I can't seem to find a replay on Sat or Sunday to record on my xm to go. I pay for xm strictly for the Broads, and it really piffs me to know that I can't listen to Friday's episode thanks to xm and their replay scheadule. I want more Broads, I do not give a crap about that Dr. Laura and her pissy little attitude, nor do I care about the wine crush, or the other crap on this channel for that matter. You Broads and Jason and of course Pat make my day so much brighter. I am truely addicted to the show, and if it ever goes away I WILL cancel my subscription to xm. You girls are so BAADD...I have noticed since the old Broad Sheri has left you have toned it down a bit, which is somewhat of a drag. I'm sure it's not your fault though. Keep up the great work, you do have die hard fans out here!!!

~Niki~ said...

Love the new site.I love me some holes and poles "aka" The Broadminded Crew. I usually listen to the show on my portable xm player w/ headphones while getting my workout on @ the gym. I have literally laughed so hard out loud that everyone stares at me. Keep making us laugh. Balls,Balls,Balls,Balls!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

I love, the new site, and I listen everyday on my inno at work. Great suggestions on the wine options for summer from Andrew Stover! Totally look forward to Damien Hollbrook and Bill Glasser!! SNAPPPPP

Anonymous said...

The site is up and running!! Now you just need your fans to visit!
Hillarious Broadminded T-shirts - of your favorite sayings like
Flick the Bean!!!....will be updated on a regular basis.

Here is the link:


Nadesh said...

I am dying...I need to know how to listen to you online...I need to hear about the OLD-TEENS..ooopss sorry olsteen's....Will you post the email online?

Drama Mama said...

I so enjoy listening to you two ... I'd listen more if they'd put you back on during the afternoon commute hours (5pm to 8pm) But Noooooo!!! Instead I get Dr. Laura shoving advice down my throat while I'm trapped on the LIE! (I think they should restrict all radio-shrinks to the late night hours!)
Also ...what was the cream you tried on your thighs to erase the dimpling?

Nadesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nadesh said...

If I had to take advice from Dr. Laura, I would kill myself. She is so negative and condescending to women. We should always be playing up to some sloppy disgusting man, to make our marriages work...whewwwhh!

Terri said...

This is in response to Joe/Calli. You can book a telephone consult with Sherry Sherry through her website, although it is kind of hard to get in touch with her (slow response to emails...took me over a month to get in touch). I have been listening & enjoying her consults on the show for a long time, but unfortunately did not get much out of my one-on-one. I think she does help people (and I'd love to do one of her sweat-lodge sessions), but apparently I'm a hard nut to crack. She gave me some neat insight on my recently deceased dad, but only after I think I gave her too much info. She also told me she saw me working with horses, which I just can't buy as I'm terrified of them. She was very nice, though, and I don't doubt she is gifted....it just wasn't worth the $$$ for me.

Veronica said...


Javier Bardem is Spanish, not French...so you say the "r" at the end of his name:


fern greenberg said...

Love the show!I listen from Charlotte,n.c. the topics are timely and fun. fern g

Anonymous said...

I listen almost every day, unless you get to talking all together, all at once...then it gives me a headache! Please realize that when you're on the radio, we aren't looking at you, and it's not the same as us being there! I like the fact that you are both the same age, yet different in your lives, but you do need to understand that not everyone that listens to you is in their 30's. Be a little more aware that women do exist beyond the age of 40, and try to get a perspective of the "rest of us". Life does change, get better, and isn't always fair...get someone on the show that can be "hip", and over 50, you'd broaden (pardon the pun) your audience a lot. If you want to interview me, I'm available. I'm over 50, very hip, have had an interesting and varied life, and career, and can talk you 2 off the air!

Big B said...

Can I instant message from Yahoo, or just AOL?

Anonymous said...

Hey broads,
I was a listener from the very beginning then I bought a new car and had to wait almost a year to get my xm re-installed by my hubby. I just recently got it back and come back to find that you're in a new time slot and that Sherry's gone. What the heck?!? I'll hopefully be able to listen to rebroadcasts at work if I get a chance. I loved listening to you guys. Keep up the good work!
-Kristi from Chicago

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound like a broken record but I'm one of the many who were sadly disappointed when XM moved the replay of your show to later in the evening. I work full time and the only time I can listen to you is on my evening commute (in the 5:00 - 6:00 hour). It used to make my commute so enjoyable that I looked forward and welcomed bad traffic!

I submitted my feedback directly to XM when they made the change but the gave me the typical corporate response and never explained why. And to be replaced by the likes of that horrible Dr Laura - it really makes me gag.

Oh well, every once in a while I happen to catch you in my car during the day or during the replay but it really doesn't satisfy my cravings to hear your show every day. It's by far the best talk show on radio.

Please pass this along to the corporate stooges at XM - we want you back at 5:00!

cmhuff said...

I love what you holes do! Since the time change of your program, I find my commute trite and boring.
Dr. Laura, Please!
Can we say Road Rage???
I hope the powers that be realize they have made a mistake. I have sent my displeasure e-mail to them!
Keep on doin' what you do!
I will find a way to record you show, so I can listen on a regular basis...

Christine in Texas

Anonymous said...

I was listening to your show today and I heard someone mention your contracts have not been renewed yet, and that truely disappointed me. I am a listener from the beginning and your show is the only show that I listen to. In my opinion the best talk show on XM. I subscribe for the Broads and XM better hope they renew your contracts or they will lose me as a consumer, and that's a fact. I listen at work every single day. I have probably only missed 5 shows in the last what 3 years almost. The big wigs at Sirrus XM radio had better wake up and smell the coffee, the Broads bring home the bacon, or did I mean chicken, sorry Jason. My XM to go doesn't record by setting it anymore so I have to do it manually and I used to come home from work and put it on the charger and press record so I could record your replay at 8 pm, however I relized that the great Dr.L was getting ratings by me doing this, so I now put it on at 8pm exactly, this Broadminded fan isn't going to help out Dr. L's fan base at all. I don't think that people relize by listening to her they are increasing her ratings, so if you are a true Broadminded fan and you don't like Dr.L turn the darn channel for pete's sake!!! I love your show and have enjoyed the calls about Obama and McCain. I too am an Obama supporter. Keep up the good work. I miss old Broad Sheri too, hope she is doing well. Did Trevor ever propose to her? Did she get a ring for Christmas that year like Sherry Sherry thought? Fan from Iowa, Ann

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